Spring cleaning for dog owners: 5 clever tips

Dog owners can tell you a thing or two about it: your four-legged friends will produce a lot of dirt over time - which of course you are happy to accept if you love your animal. Nevertheless, it is just around the corner every year: spring cleaning. With these practical tips, however, it becomes child's play. "May I help with the spring cleaning?", This sweet miniature schnauzer would like to know - Shutterstock / Budimir Jevtic

No matter whether scratches in the door, urine stains on the carpet or saliva residues on the wall: dog owners have long been used to these sights. Nevertheless, all of this must be eliminated at the latest during the mandatory spring cleaning - and best of all without swinging the chemical club. The following tips show you how to get rid of some things with typical home remedies.

Tip 1: walnuts against scratches in the wood

Especially when playing between the dog owner and four-legged friend, scratches can quickly occur in the floor, on the door or on the closet. Such accidents can be remedied with a walnut: simply rub in a circle over the scratch and then wait for several minutes so that the oil contained in the nuts can soak into the wood. Then carefully wipe off the remains with a dry cloth and polish the surface. The scratches should now be noticeably less visible, if not completely gone.

Tip 2: Spring cleaning: remove urine stains with baking soda

It can quickly happen that a small mishap happens to the four-legged friend and - for whatever reason - he urinates on the carpet, even if he is normally house-trained. It is all the more important that you react in time and remove the stain. With soda. Sprinkle some of it on the mishap, leave it on for about 20 minutes and then just vacuum it away. Not only does the baking soda disappear from the carpet, there is also no ugly stain and even the smell was nipped in the bud.

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Tip 3: Clean carpet for dog owners

Carpets in particular are very susceptible to musty dog ​​smell. No wonder, after all, the four-legged friends run constantly over it and like to make themselves comfortable on it. Since in most cases it is difficult to put the entire carpet in the washing machine, a home remedy is required - but without chemicals. The solution is commercial white vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle and then pour it evenly over the carpet. However, do not completely soak the textile! Don't be surprised if your carpet smells strongly of vinegar at first - as soon as the liquid has dried, the smell disappears along with the dog's smell.

Tip 4: it's magic!

The so-called magic sponges, which can be bought in the supermarket, are not completely free of chemicals, but they are effective in the fight against saliva stains. The sodium mixture contained therein gently removes the stains from walls, floors, doors or shelves.

Tip 5: With rubber against dog hair

And last but not least, another practical tip for dog owners during spring cleaning: a window wiper! Its rubber side is the ideal hair collector. Moisten it slightly, pull it over a wide variety of surfaces and the sofa, carpet or bedspread will be rid of fallen dog hair in no time. And cleaning is at least as easy: the practical helper can be easily washed under lukewarm water.

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