Bird flown into the house: what to do?

Whether through the open window or through the balcony door - if a bird has flown into the house, this is usually a great shock for people and birdies. In the best case, the little break pilot will fly out by itself. However, you often have to help a little. If a wild bird has flown into the apartment, with a little help it will find out by itself - Shutterstock / Paula kc

If a bird has flown into the house, you should do one thing above all: stay calm. The situation is usually very uncomfortable for the bird and associated with great stress. It is important that you behave correctly and do everything possible to ensure that the wild animal comes back out unscathed. If you find that the bird is injured, you can find help in the guide "Injured bird found: what to do?"

Vogel flew into the house: First measures

If a bird has flown into your house, the first thing you should do is make sure that your pets move to another room or have no access to the "bird room". Cats in particular, but also dogs and other animals, make the birdie even more stress and fear than it already is. Basically, you should close the room doors so that the lost person cannot fly deeper into the apartment. Then you can start the real task: to help the bird fly out again.

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Darken the room, open a window

To prevent the bird from flying against the panes and possibly seriously injuring yourself, you should darken them, for example by pulling out the curtains or lowering the blinds. Only one window leaves you bright and wide open. If all but one of the windows are closed and dark, the bird looks for the light through the open window.

If you have taken all measures in the room, it is best to leave it. This gives the bird time to calm down without danger and to find its way out. Just look carefully into the room every ten minutes to make sure the little one is still there. Important: Search the entire room and also look under or behind furniture to make sure the bird wasn't just hiding somewhere.

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