Heat stroke in cats: symptoms and first aid

Heat stroke in cats: symptoms and first aid

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Dangerous sun: In the worst case, a heat stroke in cats can even be fatal. When you see the first symptoms, you should give first aid immediately. Cats are known to love spending hours in the sun - Image: Shutterstock / Koriolis

A heat stroke in cats is caused by overheating the organism. The house tigers cannot sweat like humans, they only have sweat glands on their paws. This means that they can compensate for high temperatures much more poorly. Symptoms of overheating include shortness of breath, panting, and apathy. The best way to provide first aid is with cooling measures.

Symptoms: Detect heat stroke in cats

You may not immediately recognize a heat stroke in cats. Because at the beginning your darling only gets a little restless, runs back and forth and looks for shadows. Perhaps the tiger also begins to pant: Similar to dogs, cats can use this to remove some heat from the body.

After a while, the behavior of the cat changes to the opposite: it becomes sluggish, possibly apathetic and lies on its stomach. Shortness of breath and hyperventilation are still clear symptoms of heat stroke in cats. This behavior can start very early, especially in breeds with flat noses, such as Persians.

Some animals also experience chills or cramps. Some cats even pass out or vomit - at the latest now you have to go to the vet as soon as possible. If the respiratory center becomes paralyzed, your darling can pay for it with death.

Cats and water: top or flop?

First aid for the velvet paw

If you notice symptoms of heat stroke in cats, get the animal out of the sun immediately and provide first aid. The best way to do this is to take the overheated four-legged friend to a cool room, such as a basement or a garage. Important: there should be no drafts here. Otherwise your cat will catch a cold.

Take additional first aid measures immediately. To slowly cool your favorite's body, you should rub the cat's fur with a wet cloth or a cooling pad wrapped in a towel. Wet towels on the neck or on the head also help. Give your cat a lot to drink - if she can no longer do it herself, use a disposable syringe.

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