Causes of deafness in cats

The causes of deafness in cats can be very diverse. Some animals are deaf from birth, others only lose their hearing in old age. If adult cats that are not yet seniors become deaf, there is usually an ear disease or an accident. It is best to have the causes checked by your veterinarian. If cats suddenly become deaf, an ear disease is usually the reason - Shutterstock / Csehak Szabolcs

If ear diseases are quickly recognized, the deafness in cats can possibly still be remedied. Therefore, it is important that you have the cause diagnosed quickly by the veterinarian if he can still save the cat's hearing. If not, it does not mean that your cat can no longer have a full life. After a period of getting used to it and with your help, she can find her way in everyday life.

Ear diseases as causes of cat numbness

Cats can also get ear infections, which should be treated quickly. First of all, ear infections lead to temporary deafness or hearing loss, since the tissue in the ear swells and acoustic signals no longer "get through". With timely treatment by the veterinarian, the inflammation can subside, the tissue can swell again and the cat's hearing can recover. If the treatment is given too late or not at all, the inflammation becomes chronic, the tissue is damaged and the numbness persists.

In the case of ear infections caused by mites, fungi or bacteria, early treatment is also advisable to avoid long-term consequences. Other ear diseases that can cause deafness in cats are tumors or polyps in the ear canal. In such a case, ask your veterinarian what the treatment options are. Accidents, such as a blast trauma, can also cause your cat to become deaf.

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Congenital deafness in cats

Some kittens are already born deaf, and these are often white cats with blue eyes. It is believed that a certain defect is hidden on the genes that cause white fur and blue eyes. This only comes into play under certain conditions and then leads to deafness. Affected kittens have no so-called corti organ in the inner ear, which transmits the vibrations of the sound waves to healthy fur noses.

Hearing loss and deafness in cat seniors

However, sometimes it is due to age that a cat becomes deaf. The fine structures in the ear are no longer supplied with blood so that the hearing gradually wears off. This is often noticeable when your cat meows at night and also mumbles frequently and loudly. Then she can no longer hear her own voice and is unsettled.

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