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Cat Rosie goes on a first snow trip with the husky family

The plush cat Rosie was raised by the husky lady Lilo and is used to taking short walks with her and the other huskies from her home. The excursion in the video leads Rosie and her husky family outside into the snow, which the little cat initially looks at with some skepticism.

Rosie carefully places one paw in front of the other and gropes through the snow. Even though she has seen a lot of her husky family and is half a dog herself, she cannot gain much from the wet and cold stuff at the beginning. While her husky friends are in their element and romp happily through the snow, Rosie shakes her paws and finds the whole thing extremely suspicious. But in the end she got used to the snow and is running through the winter landscape much more courageously. How sweet!

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