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Cat Didga makes a time travel on the skateboard

The pretty cat Didga in the video is incredibly sporty - thanks to her owner Robert Dollwet, she masters many great tricks. For example, the animal trainer taught the fur nose how to skateboard. And that makes Didga really great! In this video Didga and her owner visit an exhibition of old cars. Time for rock'n'roll, they think.

To the sounds of Bill Haley's "Rock around the clock" cat Didga drives past the classic cars in a relaxed and relaxed manner. One day she can even drive one of the beautiful cars herself. Luckily, she doesn't reach the accelerator pedal with her paws - otherwise the smart kitty would surely do a lap with the car too, where she already cuts a fine figure on a skateboard.

You can see how Didga and Robert Dollwet got to know each other and practiced their first tricks in the following video. There the cute cat also takes her first steps on the skateboard.

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