Removing resin from cat fur: what to do?

Resin in cat fur is one of the most annoying problems that cat owners can have regarding the fur of their velvet paw. The sticky tree resin is extremely difficult to remove. The cat rarely manages to remove the stubborn stuff on its own. So what to do? No cat likes to take a bath, but resin in the fur is sometimes no different - Shutterstock / 135pixels

Cats are animals that are very careful about their cleanliness. They hate dirt, grime and every form of uncleanliness like resin in cat fur. Not even the rough cat tongue is able to lick out the sticky tree resin properly. So you have to help, if necessary with scissors.

The gentle method: butter or cooking oil

Depending on the degree of contamination and the amount of resin, there can be differences in how easily or how difficult it is to get the material out of the fur. Water and brush are usually not enough. Under no circumstances should you use chemical agents such as nail polish remover or even gasoline - such substances would damage cat health.

The gentler variant is fat in the form of butter, margarine or oil. Lubricate the resinified areas with the cooking fat and try to loosen the dirt with a brush. This method has proven itself, but does not come with a guarantee of success. Also worth trying: bathing with cat shampoo. With a little luck, a wash with good, mild cat shampoo can loosen the resin.

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Cut resin from the cat fur

If the above methods do not work, you will unfortunately have to use scissors and carefully cut out the resinous areas. Warning: Use scissors that are blunt at the front so that you do not accidentally injure your fur nose. If your cat is very restless or if you are too scared to cut her skin, take her to the vet to remove the resin from the cat's fur. This is also recommended if the bond is very large or starts very close to the skin.

In any case, it is important that you get the resin from the cat fur, otherwise your cat will lick itself too much. This can mean a lot of stress for her, which is why you must help her as a cat owner.

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