4 tips for visiting the vet: Everything goes smoothly

In order for your sick dog or sick cat to get well as quickly as possible, a visit to the veterinarian is usually necessary. With the following tips, working with the vet works especially well so that he can help your pet in the best possible way. Good cooperation with the veterinarian helps your animal to get well - Shutterstock / Lucky Business

Visiting the vet is usually stressful for your dog or cat. As a keeper, try to stay calm and do everything you can to help your veterinarian treat you.

1. Be punctual and reliable

If you go to the vet on time, the doctor has enough time to examine your cat or dog. So plan enough time for a more relaxed drive to the practice so that your pet does not experience more stress than necessary. It also makes a good impression if you pay your bills on time, even when it gets expensive.

2. Trust your veterinarian

Once you have found a good veterinarian for your cat and a suitable veterinarian for your dog, trust his assessments. Do not question the diagnosis and treatment based on lay diagnoses from the Internet or from acquaintances, because the veterinarian has studied for a long time to acquire his specialist knowledge. However, if it is a matter of final decisions as to whether you should put your pet to sleep or not, a second diagnosis by another veterinarian may make sense.

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3. Tell the truth when visiting the vet

Your veterinarian can only make an accurate diagnosis of your sick pet if he has as much knowledge of his condition as possible. It is best to list all the symptoms that come to mind and do not keep silent if you fear that you made a mistake yourself. For example, if your dog nibbled chocolate, tell the vet. Also, if you've fed your pet leftovers or played with fragile toys, hair ties, and small parts that can be swallowed, it's important to know.

4. Help the dog and cat: follow the instructions

Listen carefully and take notes if you are told home instructions when you visit the vet. The treatment can only work properly if you follow the dosage and administration of the medication exactly. If you are unsure, have doubts or do not understand something, ask kindly. For example, your veterinarian can give you tips on how to give your cat a pill or which diet is best for your sick pet.

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