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Are nuts toxic to dogs?

For humans, nuts are usually very healthy because they are rich in healthy fats and protein. However, some varieties are toxic to dogs, others at least not well tolerated. You don't need nuts for healthy dog ​​nutrition, because what is important is a large and high-quality meat content in the dog food. Some nuts can be toxic to dogs - Shutterstock / Iryna Denysova

Nevertheless, there are some nuts that are not poisonous for dogs and that can provide variety on the menu in moderation. But even compatible types of nut do not belong in your dog's food bowl every day, because they are very high in calories and can promote overweight in the long run.

Nuts are unnecessary for healthy dog ​​nutrition

If you want to be on the safe side, do not give your dog any nuts. Some types of nut such as Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, coconuts and almonds contain valuable vitamins that are also healthy for your dog, but it can also get these nutrients from other foods that are better tolerated for them. For example, vitamin E is also found in pumpkins, meat is rich in B vitamins, and good sources of folic acid and biotin are offal.

Toxic to dogs: macadamia nuts and walnuts

Macadamia nuts are definitely toxic to dogs because they contain so-called cyanogenic glycosides. The dose at which the nuts damage your dog depends on its size, but just four nuts cause poisoning symptoms such as stiffness, walking problems and liver damage in a 15 kg dog. If your dog accidentally eats macadamia nuts, go immediately to the vet.

Ripe shelled walnuts do not necessarily have to be toxic to dogs, but as a precaution you should not try this. Especially on unripe and fresh walnuts and on the shell, the fungus Penicillium crustosum can spread, which is not visible from the outside and forms a poison called Roquefortin C comparable to strychnine. Your dog then shows seizures that are reminiscent of epilepsy, trembles, cramps and twitches, and vomits. Poisoning can even be fatal here.

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Often intolerable to dogs: peanuts

From a botanical point of view, peanuts are not actually nuts, but legumes. For healthy dogs without allergies, peanuts are usually non-toxic. However, peanut allergies are quite common not only in humans, but also in dogs. If your dog has heart or kidney weakness, peanuts are generally not good for him. The same applies here: For safety's sake it is best not to give your dog peanuts.

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