Gifts and Co .: Your cat's other proofs of love

Some of your cat's love cards are very cute, but others may take some getting used to. For example, cats love to disturb their hearts in their activities or bring prey into the house as "gifts". "Well, enough work! I want to cuddle!", Says this cat - Shutterstock / bullet74

Do you sometimes feel like your cat is watching you? This can be proof of the love of your velvet paw, because cats only make direct eye contact if they trust you and feel safe. Otherwise, they find it threatening to look people directly in the eye. If your cat is blinking slowly, it is a kind of cat smile and a great proof of love. Also blink back slowly to show your cat that you love them as well.

Attention! Now! Immediately!

Your cat's disturbing actions, which serve to attract your attention, can also serve as proof of love. Be it that your kitty lies in the middle of your computer keyboard and falls asleep there when you actually want to work, or that she chooses the part of the newspaper for a nap that you have not yet read. Sometimes cats also choose the moment to cuddle when you have just decided to get up. Even if your room tiger grabs your furniture with its claws, this can serve to attract your attention.

However, if your cat behaves abnormally or shows behavioral disorders such as uncleanliness, there may be an illness or psychological problems behind it. If in doubt, you should have your pet checked out at the veterinarian or contact a cat psychologist if you have behavior problems.

Love is ... how cats show their affection

She loves me, she doesn't love me, she loves me ... whether cats feel love for their people ...

Show love through gifts

Proofs of love from cats are not always appetizing. If you own a free-range cat, you probably get "gifts" from your fur nose more often. These are prey, dead or alive, like mice, rats or birds, that your kitty brings you because they want to teach you how to hunt. Or she doesn't want you to starve and therefore brings prey to you that has already been killed. In any case, your pet means well with you, so don't scold your cat - and only discard the prey once your velvet paw is out of the room.

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