Herding Dogs: What Dog Breeds Are There?

There are a lot of herding dogs today - dog breeds that have been bred to work particularly well with humans and to perform tasks such as herding cattle. You can find a selection here. Herding dogs are extremely responsible and clever - Shutterstock / yuris

Modern herding or cattle dogs usually come from old shepherd or farm dogs. Defense was important at the time - the robust dogs had to be able to take on wolves, bears and other predators. Today it's more about agility and endurance.

Well-tried herding dogs: shepherds and collies

The German Shepherd is the all-rounder among dog breeds. The reliable and intelligent animals have proven themselves as herding dogs for centuries. Worldwide, shepherds are not only used as herding dogs, but also as guard, companion, service, rescue and utility dogs. A German Shepherd needs a patient upbringing and must always be challenged both physically and mentally.

Collies also have a successful past and present as weatherproof herding dogs. Whether normal collie, bearded collie or border collie - they all drove sheep with a keen eye and brisk stride centuries ago in the Scottish highlands. The Fellzottel are also excellent as sporty family dogs, because they are friendly, responsible and mostly also very cuddly.

Other reliable dog breeds: Komondor, Bobtail and Co.

The Komondor looks like a real Rastafarian. The shaggy, long fur cords hide a little that the Komondor is an excellent herding dog. The unique fur, which sometimes hardly distinguishes it from the sheep to be guarded, gives special protection against all weather conditions. Dogs from Hungary need a lot of exercise and activity.

Border Collie: nature and characteristics of the dog

As a talented and highly intelligent herding dog, the Border Collie with very specific characteristics ...

The latter also applies to the bobtail. The herding dog, which is also blessed with a lot of fur, is actually called Old English Sheepdog, which also classifies it as a working dog. Not only in the pasture, but also within a family, the bobtail cuts an extremely good figure.

Other dog breeds that can be considered herding dogs include the Australian Shepherd, the Australia Cattle Dog, the Briard, the Shetland Sheepdog and the Kuvasz or the Welsh Corgi Cardigan.

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