Kittens vs. Cat: "Come on, get scared!"

"We pretend we're not there and then we scare the adults, okay?" Think the little, playful cats in this video and try to scare their peers.

The cheeky house tigers have been lying in wait in a basket and are waiting to surprise their animal roommates. And the first ignorant guest immediately sits next to the hiding place of the kittens Fielding and Bartholomew. "Muhaha!" A fluffy tiger jumps out of the dark inside of the basket and tries to scare the adult animal.

But the reaction is just a brief twitch and a confused look. Even further attempts to scare the big kitty fail. Instead, the cheeky rascals get little nudges from the unimpressed fleece ball with the paw. But practice makes perfect! Next time, the scare artists will surely outsmart their roommate!

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