Turned up puppies frolic in autumn leaves

"Yeah, autumn at last!", The young dogs rejoice in this video when they discover piles of leaves. The cute puppies happily hop and run through the colored leaves and enjoy the colorful landscape.

The first black four-legged friend storms into a pile of colorful leaves, which its owners have laboriously raked up beforehand. The playful puppy can't stop jumping for joy, just to amuse the owner and owner. And the other puppies in this compilation also get big eyes at the sight of autumn leaves, they are so happy about it.

The fluffy fur noses jump through the mountains of leaves, roll on them or relax in them like in your cozy bed. Some of the cute guys are a little shy and approach the leaf pile carefully at first. But the playful four-legged friends quickly overcome their fear of it and venture a round of rooting. Autumn can be sooo beautiful!

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