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Totally perplexed: playful puppy vs. carrot

The young dog in this video is completely perplexed: there is a carrot on the carpet at home. Totally surprised by the root vegetables, the golden puppy jumps excitedly back and forth, causing his owners to have fits of laughter.

"Should I touch this toy or not? Oh, I'm so torn," you can hear the funny dog ​​thinking. Again and again he swings his little head in all directions and bounces up and down.

He carefully feels his way around the carrot, taps the healthy food with its paws several times and then jumps away again - after all, the cheeky badger wants to be on the safe side and keep contact with the unknown snacks as low as possible. But then the crazy guy gets a little bolder and even grabs the carrot with his teeth. The sugar-sweet four-legged friend has obviously overcome the initial fear. Bravo!

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