Time to play: kittens romp in the ball pit

The cats in this video experience a big surprise: their owners have built an inflatable pool in the home of the fluffy velvet paws. But what should the playful little tigers do with it? Oh, play in it! Naturally! And there are also colorful balls. Uiii!

After the pelvis is blown up, the curious kittens take a close look at it. "Hmm, what are we going to do with it?" Asks a kitty who examines the blue floor very carefully and teases the valve. Suddenly a yellow ball flies, which the fur nose nudges back and forth with its paws. Then a short shower begins and many colored balls patter into the pool.

The kitten takes out at first, but is then too curious and inspects the ball pit again. Whoops, the kitty has grabbed a ball and nibbles on it with relish. After such an exciting day, the little animal also has to rest a little and make himself comfortable in the pool - and is not disturbed by other cats who want to frolic in the new toy. Great, such a ball pit!

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