Bitch Bethany: survived thanks to animal rights activists

Bitch Bethany: survived thanks to animal rights activists

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Fortunately, there are people and organizations that work hard for the welfare of animals on our planet. Otherwise, bitch Bethany would surely be doomed.

In a strong video, the story of the suffering of four-legged friend Bethany can be traced - with a great ending, which gives us back a little bit of faith in humanity. The bitch comes back to life like a phoenix from the ashes and is visibly having fun again, as the impressive pictures show.

Bitch Bethany: A terrible story of suffering

As explained in the video, the obviously exposed Bethany suffered from various illnesses: she had the scabies and her paws were swollen, so that she could no longer stand properly. Bacterial infections also troubled the animal. But her transformation is all the more surprising: after 36 days and lots of love and affection, the bitch is doing well - thanks to the American animal protection organization "Hope for Paws" and its courageous employees.

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German animal protection organizations: You can help here

If you want to get involved in animal welfare in Germany, you can find information on the websites of the four most important organizations in Germany:

German Animal Protection Association

WWF Germany

Association "Doctors against animal experiments e.V.

PETA Germany

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