Benefits and learning effects for the dog when lunging

When lunging, your dog can learn and practice different things. For example, you can train him to interpret your body language better, or generally make your four-legged friend listen to you better. And by the way, the training method is also a lot of fun. When lunging, the dog learns to listen better to its holder - Shutterstock / supercat

Lunging is primarily a movement training for horses. They are guided on a long line and train different gaits, among other things. Lunging with dogs is all about communication between humans and their animal friends. That's why no leash is used - at the very beginning of the training at most - and you guide your darling with commands, body language and possibly a clicker.

Your dog can learn this when lunging

The circle is a wonderful shape so that your four-legged friend can learn to concentrate. The distractions are very small, unlike on a long, varied route on a walk. If you reward your dog extensively, especially in the beginning, he will quickly develop a high motivation for training.

Regardless of whether you work with the clicker or with the usual basic commands: Communication between you and your dog can improve significantly through lunging exercises. Sooner or later, this will also be noticeable in other situations. You can also practice using certain gestures to control your dog instead of words that you can use in everyday life. Ideally, he will remember the training situation when lunging and will also react correctly to your gesture on other occasions.

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Build a bond when lunging

Last but not least, lunging is also a sporty and playful training that is equally fun for humans and dogs. So always do something for the bond between you and your loved one when you train with him in a circle. Learning happens in a playful way, which always works best not only for dogs. In addition, you can always add new exercises so that it is neither boring for you nor for your dog.

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