Sporty dog: "I want to swim with you, master!"

In this video, a fluffy dog ‚Äč‚Äčtries to swim after its owner in the lake. "Wait for me!", The water-loving four-legged friend barks and jumps after his amused master. How he then paddles looks very strange and funny.

With his long legs he tries to move in the refreshing water. In doing so, he stretches his paws far away from the body and strikes almost wildly. His owner, who of course captures this moment in the life of her furry family member with the camera, laughs out loud and watches her darling try to swim. As can be read in the comment field, the big animal has been practicing to become a true water rate for two years now. Apparently the dog has developed its own technique! Cute!

Some dogs prefer to get wet

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