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Sweet Corgi is disappointed: "Whoops? Where's my toy?"

"Bring the toy!", The sugar-sweet Corgi seems to want to tell his owner in this video. With his brown googly eyes, the dog looks expectantly into the camera and tries to get back to his favorite toy. But there is a problem: the blue object is one step down.

What should the cute Corgi Barkley do? His toy rolled down the stairs. Instead of walking down a step and fetching the small snack, the four-legged friend lays its head on the front paws. "And what now?", One can hear the little rascal thinking, who tries to persuade his mistress to give him his toy.

Zack, the owner throws the object at her darling. The dog happily grabs the coveted object, places it on the edge of the stairs and nibbles on it with relish. And what happens has to happen: Plop, the toy falls down to the next level. Frustrated, the puppy puts his head back on his paws. However, his owner cannot look at him so sadly for a long time and throws his favorite Schnupsi back to the playful animal. To be pampered and cared for is simply wonderful! Great dog life!

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