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Sweet and clumsy: Two little Cocker Spaniel puppies play with ball

The two Cocker Spaniel puppies in the video are just too cute! Fascinated, the little dogs try to catch the big pink rubber ball that their owners gave the two ruffles to play with. But that's not so easy when the ball is the same size as the doggie itself.

At the beginning, the little Cocker Spaniel puppies take a run-up and then try whether they can hold the funny ball with their paws. The black puppy with the white bib is a bit more shy and prefers to sniff the strange object extensively. The cream-colored mini-dog is braver and tries stubbornly to hold the ball. But it only makes strange squeaking noises and constantly rolls away. How mean!

Cocker Spaniel: cute, funny and multi-colored dog breed

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