Mini cat Mutsu cuddles relaxed with your favorite person

Mini cat Mutsu cuddles relaxed with your favorite person

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It's hard to believe how cute this tiny baby cat is in the video! Mutsu is the name of the mini-miez, who was saved from a factory hall together with her mom and siblings at the tender age of two days. In the arms of his human foster mom Sharon, the kitten feels comfortable and safe all around. It makes your heart warm.

Devotedly, mini-cat Mutsu gently scratches the tummy of his favorite person and massages the tiny head. "It feels good," the sugar-sweet kitten seems to think and snuggles into Sharon's arms with confidence. How nice that Mutsu, his cat mom Kami and his siblings Jupiter, Saturn, Elstar, Fuji and Ambrose were so lucky that the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) discovered them in good time and came to such lovely people. There the foundlings were pimped up, cherished, cared for and showered with lots of love.

Klein-Mutsu finally becomes sleepy and slumbering as a result of the wellness treatment - all four mini-paws stretched out, full of basic trust. To melt away!

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