Super sweet! Tiny kitten is swinging dance leg with her owner

The cute mini cat in the video apparently has rhythm in the blood. His owner bobs to a song in time with the foot and the fluffy kitten thinks: "I can do that too!" The tiny little ball of fleece does not hesitate for long and first pats with the right front paw, then stands on its hind feet and beats the beat with its puffy tail and both front paws.

"One time, one time - all around, it's not difficult ...", Frauchen's foot seems to want to say to the tiny cuddly kitten. The mini cat tries its best to get involved. Runs from left to right once, dabs the paws on the foot and diligently makes males. Maybe the rhythm is still a little too fast for her. Because suddenly the kitty seems to be tired and whizzes out of sight.

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