How the dog stays healthy: 5 tips

Unfortunately, a dog does not live forever, but with a few tips it stays healthy and alert for a long time. This includes proper nutrition, well-groomed teeth and other preventive measures. How to avoid avoidable diseases: Stay healthy long, little dog! - Shutterstock / Anna Hoychuk

Every dog ​​owner wants his darling to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. Good preventive care is usually the best medicine for the dog. The following five tips will help you.

1. Which diet is healthy?

It depends on the size, activity and age of the dog, among other things, which diet is healthy for it. A puppy needs different nutrients than a senior. A dog that moves a lot needs more energy than a cozy four-legged friend. Basically, however, you should feed your animal friend at regular times and not change dog food too often. Otherwise, the dog's sensitive digestive tract can get mixed up.

Very small and very large dogs also tolerate two smaller meals a day better than a larger one. If the dog does not eat his bowl empty, it is best to put his food in the fridge until the next meal. However, take the food out half an hour before feeding so that it is not too cold and therefore more digestible. Dogs need high-quality meat such as beef, lamb or chicken as well as vegetable ingredients such as cereal flakes, cooked rice, potatoes or pasta in their bowl.

2. Dental care for the four-legged friend

A dog must also brush teeth regularly so that it stays healthy. Lovingly get used to the toothbrush and use a special dog toothpaste. As a toothbrush, you can use a soft hand or electric toothbrush for people. If you choose fixed times for your favorite's dental care, it will soon become routine. Then you will see early on whether caries, tartar or inflammation have formed, and you can thus avoid dangerous secondary diseases.

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3. Worms, ticks and fleas in dogs

Every now and then it happens that a dog catches fleas, worms or ticks, which in turn can cause diseases. Fleas are dangerous for your four-legged friend all year round and they can transmit worms. Regular grooming with a weekly bath, flea comb and brush is therefore recommended so that the parasites do not feel too at home on the dog's fur. In addition, a worming treatment is advisable every three to six months. Ticks should be removed as soon as you spot them. Otherwise, your veterinarian will be happy to advise you on preventing uninvited guests.

4. Prevent overweight!

With all the delicious food that you spoil your four-legged friend with, sufficient exercise is also essential for the dog. This is the only way to keep a weight that is healthy for him. Regular walks, agility training and games together keep people and animals fit and fun!

5. Important vaccinations

Finally, there are a number of vaccinations that are recommended for the dog. In this way, diseases such as distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis, borreliosis, rabies, kennel cough and infections with the parvovirus can be prevented. Once a year, the four-legged friend should also be checked from head to toe at the veterinarian. If necessary, the vaccinations can be refreshed if necessary.

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