Bambi and thumper are real! Fawn plays with rabbits

In Disney's 1942 cartoon "Bambi", the fawn Bambi and the rabbit knocker became big friends. Apparently, this is not that far from reality, as this sweet video shows. The curious deer wants to play with the little rabbit. But that is a bit skeptical at the beginning. After a short time, however, the two cute wild animals frolic happily across the meadow.

"Look, I can jump a lot higher than you!", The fawn seems to want to tell the rabbit. "Not at all! I always jump twice higher than you!", Replies the little junk nose and jumps as high as it can. The two animals play catch for a few minutes, but then the rabbit suddenly disappears from view. The little fawn must then continue to play alone. Fortunately, this doesn't seem to affect his good mood.

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