Boing! Little kids bounce around farm cat

"Look what I can do!", The cute baby goats in the video seem to say to Moo, the farm cat. They bounce happily up and down and happily gripe at the kitty. But the cozy velvet paw apparently prefers to be left alone and does not pay much attention to the lively kids. This does not slow down the cute animals in their zest for life and so they squeaky jump through the barn and around their cat mate.

Lady Bug and Princess Leia are the names of the two cute kids who bob up and down like bouncy balls. After all, if you want to become a big goat, you have to practice hard. In the meantime, cat Moo has made himself comfortable on the cool barn floor and is watching the spectacle of the adorable baby animals very relaxed. The cute pair-toed ungulates still make a few tentative advances at the fur nose. But she'd rather just lie there and watch the two cuties play.

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