Simon's Cat: "I fancy pizza!"

In this video, the owner of Simon's Cat actually only wants to enjoy his pizza in peace. But the cheeky cat has other plans and tries to snatch the last bit of the Italian delicacy from her master.

As soon as Simon's Cat hops onto the back of the sofa, the miez has already discovered her new object of desire: a slice of pizza that her owner holds in her hand. But the first attempts to steal the treat fail. "Ok, if you don't give me your pizza, I'll just take it out of the box myself," says Simon's Cat and jumps to the floor to seize the box.

But the cheeky little tiger must not touch this either. "Do I have dirty paws and shouldn't I touch it? No problem!", The velvet paw thinks and dips her fluffy paw in a cup and then licks it off with relish. "So, I'm clean!", The cat decides and grabs the pizza box. Unfortunately, this is already empty and the fleece ball is visibly disappointed.

But Simon is still holding his slice of pizza in his hand. Zack, his cat has already hopped on the sofa again and is trying to finally get the delicious food. "Then I have to open the heavy guns", the fur nose takes on, spreads the legs and licks her buttocks intensively without further ado. Her owner's appetite suddenly passed and the intelligent cheeky badger finally got the delicacy. This is how you know Simon's Cat!

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