French bulldog practices as a goalkeeper

Is the French Bulldog at the start of the 2016 European Championship in this video? Maybe not, but the funny dog ​​is trying hard not to let a ball into the goal while playing soccer with his owner.

Gripping, such a football game! Pixel, a brown and white French bulldog, has positioned himself in front of a mini soccer goal and looks into the distance. Zack, the first ball comes rolling towards him, which the sporty dog ​​naturally fends off with ease and grabs with his teeth. The clever four-legged friend skillfully holds the next shot with his chest and throws it away from his goal.

But his "attacker" uses the next chance to score and sinks the leather ball. "Crap, but now I have to focus on this fast ball again!", Pixel thinks and repels several shots from his owners. The playful dog lets through a few more balls, but his qualities as a goalkeeper are unmistakable. Off to the European Championship, little guy!

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