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Cole and Marmalade storm the workplace

The owners of the popular video heroes Cole and Marmalade are also familiar with the phenomenon: if cats use a desk as an adventure playground, chaos is inevitable. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to prevent this from happening!

Throwing cell phones down, stealing pens and contesting seats: cats know exactly how to successfully keep their owners from working. Cole and Marmalade also understand some of this, as they prove in this video - but luckily, their owner has a few practical tricks in store that he demonstrates for other cat owners. First of all, he has a folding chair ready, which is useful when one of his velvet paws occupies the desk chair. An alternative sleeping place keeps them from sleeping on the keyboard and looks at least as cozy!

If you have to print out important documents, you should get them out of the printer quickly, recommends Marmalades owner - as soon as possible, than his cats come up with the idea. Hanging cables should be glued so that they do not invite you to play and who puts his drinks in a safe container reduces the risk of flooding. Cat snacks distract from tiger in between, and if there is something very important to do, the cat-free zone also helps if necessary. Well then, happy work - these tips will definitely work!

Cats at work: please do not disturb!

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