Brave Benji: A Bengal hangover fights his way through

Brave Benji: A Bengal hangover fights his way through

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Benji is a hangover from whom you can learn a lot. It was not easy for him from the start and still shows impressively how you can enjoy your day to the fullest with the right people. The cat gropes his way carefully - Picture: Facebook 2013 / Benji the little fighter

"Benji" stands for Benjamin for short, which means something like "Glückskind". However, the cat was not very lucky at the beginning of his small life. When he was born on August 17, 2012, there were complications and his oxygen supply was interrupted for a while. A little accident left the young cat with a corneal clouding that robbed him of a large part of his eyesight.

What about cat Benji?

The future of the cat and how it is developing has been in the stars for quite a while. To see how well he is doing now! On his sweet Facebook page he is described by his owners in the following words: "... I just need a little longer for everything, otherwise I am healthy and playful and now discover the big wide world. And you can participate in it ..."

Great use for a small hangover

Benji's owners have shown great commitment to him. With good care and many visits to the vet, they have ensured that he can now see much better. His hearing is not particularly good, but that doesn't stop him from going for great walks and romping with his four-legged colleagues.

All the best, little Benji!

You can see how much fun this is on Benji's Facebook page Benji the Little Fighter and in our picture gallery itself. The many wonderful pictures clearly show that Benji is doing very well with his owners despite his handicap. We wish the brave hangover all the best and lots of nice sunny days, because he seems to like them especially!

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