Tom Maru: "I like to carry my box on my head!"

When Maru sees a box, he has to take a closer look at it immediately. So the famous cat in this video does not let it go to pursue her passion and yet puts a cardboard box over his head.

When Tom Maru discovers a piece of a box in his home, curiosity grabs him and he immediately puts his head in it. But that's not all: Apparently the cheeky kitty doesn't want to give up the piece of cardboard anymore and carries it around in the room. He gropes around the room very carefully and seems to have become fond of his new accessory.

"But now I have to rest first!", The velvet paw thinks and sits down at the other end of the room. It almost seems as if he is meditating - the hangover does not even notice the approach of his playmate Hana, who is watching him with fascination. The hangover with the box does not last long, leaves it in the corner and turns to other things. Crazy and funny as ever, the Maru!

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