American bison: impressive herbivore

American bison: impressive herbivore

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An adult American bison weighs up to 900 kilograms and is therefore really a giant. In our picture gallery you can find out more about the impressive herbivores. "There are so many things to know about us. Nice! I'm going to forage again!" - Image: Shutterstock / visceralimage These animals can weigh up to around 900 kilograms, females around half of them - Image: Shutterstock / Julie Lubick Despite the heavy and large body, this animal can run up to 50 km / h - Image: Shutterstock / Volodymyr Burdiak The horns and the thick fur are also typical of the American bison - Image: shutterstock / Olga_i To keep them big and strong, they eat vegetable feed, but not meat at all - Image: Shutterstock / Philip Bird LRPS CPAGB Male American bison live alone or in small groups, cows and calves in herds - Image: Shutterstock / Anton Foltin The calves go with the herd two to three days after their birth - Image: Shutterstock / David Osborn American bison are sexually mature at around three years old - Image: Shutterstock / sergioboccardo Males can only assert themselves against their competitors at around the age of six - Image: Shutterstock / BGSmith

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