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Baby elephant and baby giraffe are friends

The young giraffe Kiko and the baby elephant Loboito are animal orphans and have only been in the sanctuary in Nairobi for a few days, but have settled in well, as the video shows. And not only that: they are already best friends.

At the beginning, Baby Kiko and Baby Loboito love to walk in succession and follow one of the nice people of the "David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust" organization, who now looks after them. Afterwards you can see the two wild animals cuddling together a little. Giraffe Kiko lovingly lowers her head to Loboito the elephant and it looks like she is kissing him. Nice that you are both well! The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has been caring for orphaned animals since the 1970s - good that there are organizations like this.

Giraffe babies on a discovery tour

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