4 lies of dog owners in wrong dog training

Fortunately, most dog owners are responsible and have taught their four-legged friends good dog training. Unfortunately there are always people who are reluctant to see their own mistakes and blame the dog for disobedient dog behavior. Have you heard any of the following lies? "He just wants to play!": No, the Golden Retriever is above all not well brought up - Shutterstock / Jiri Vaclavek

However, it must not always be a bad intent on the part of the dog owner to justify improper dog training with lies. Inexperience can also lead to bad dog manners being misinterpreted as natural behavior. In order not to get this far, beginners should get support from the dog school or dog trainer when in doubt.

1. "He doesn't do anything!" and "He just wants to play!"

The dog owner lies "He does nothing!" and "He just wants to play!" often come from people who categorically insist on letting their dog run free without a leash, but at the same time have failed to train dogs consistently. The result is that the dogs do not know that it is not appropriate to jump on strangers, to get too close to other species or to run and rummage in strange gardens.

Often these dog owners are not very familiar with dog behavior and dog language, so that they misinterpret the first escalation levels of aggression in dogs and attempts to bullet or dominate their peers as a game. Such lies or excuses become particularly problematic when the four-legged friends with improper dog training meet fearful people or dogs. In such a case, dogs with an anxiety disorder could become aggressive due to the need to defend themselves. You can then try to ask the dog owner to put his dog on a leash and briefly explain the situation to him. If there is a lack of experience and ignorance behind the wrong dog education, the owner will be lucky enough to see his mistake.

2. "They make that out among themselves!"

Lies of the type "They make that out among themselves!" often appear in connection with dog quarrels. The tricky thing about this excuse, however, is that sometimes it's not wrong. If two healthy, equally large, equally strong dogs want to clarify the ranking with each other, then the dog dispute can seem more brutal than it really is. In this case, the four-legged friends actually make the conflict between themselves. However, this does not apply in principle, because bitches in heat are often serious or, if the balance of power is unequal, dog fighting can be dangerous. How to recognize a serious dog fight and how you can react best can be read in our guide "Intervene in dog fights: yes or no?"

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By improper dog training dogs can get used to bad manners that are not so ...

3. "He never does that at home!"

If dogs misbehave outside of their home, some dog owners justify themselves with the excuse "He never does this at home!" or "Otherwise he's always very good". That really cannot be, because dogs can usually remember rules well if they have enjoyed consistent dog training. The only reason why a four-legged friend does not adhere to a rule is because he knows nothing about the existence of this rule because it has not been properly taught to him. For this reason, the excuse "He knows exactly what he did" or "He feels guilty" is nonsense.

4. "He likes children!"

"He likes children" or "He likes people!" often serves as a pretext when dogs jump at strange people or even children with karacho, knock them over and possibly still wipe their face from top to bottom. These lies are mostly believed by the dog owners themselves, which is why a delighted undertone is not uncommon. This supposedly cute and lovable behavior may also please the owners themselves, but not everyone appreciates dog kisses. But dogs don't know that they can only knock over their owner or mistress, not strangers. Therefore, it is fair to potential visitors and the four-legged friend to stop them from jumping on and wobbling off or to warn other people honestly when they come to visit.

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