Wiesel Ozzy does joyful dancing around puddle toys

The sugar-sweet mouse weasel Ozzy is absolutely thrilled. The reason for this is his new toy, a fluffy stuffed sausage. Full of zest for life, the little animal hops, scurries and dances around the puschelding and has a lot of fun.

Huuuuiiii, what whizzes so fast across the bed? It is Wiesel Ozzy who is delighted with his new fleece toy. The commentary on the YouTube video says Ozzy is doing some kind of war dance. This is a typical behavior of weasels and ferrets when they are excited. It is possible that they use the seemingly haphazard, chaotic scurrying and flitting back and forth while hunting to confuse their prey so that they can catch them more easily.

With tame weasels and ferrets, this hunting behavior is no longer necessary as they are provided with everything they need by their favorite people. Nevertheless, this funny little dance can be found when playing when they have "conquered" or stolen a toy. A bit like the wild five minutes of cats, this behavior shows that a weasel feels good and has fun.

This is how the mouse weasel lives

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