Why does my dog lick my cat

Why does my dog lick my cat's butt?

I had noticed this for some time, but only recently put it on hold and called the vets for help. My cat seems to be suffering from itching and licking of the butt (the cat is on the left, and the dog on the right).

I called Animal Control, but the vet said I should contact the vet if I could tell what was going on. I was able to tell from watching him do it that it was not normal behavior. The vet took a look and said that my cat does not seem to have any problems but that my dog might be trying to get her to clean him. I don't know what that means, since my dog would NEVER try to clean her. I know that it's not a normal behavior, but neither of them seems to have any problems. Any ideas what I can do?

If your cat was scratching at it to clean it, it is more likely that they would have gotten into a tussle than have it just started like that. The cat would be the more likely to come in and do it, however, if the dog were doing it and you had any concerns, a vet exam would be a good idea.

As far as what to do about it? It's normal behavior, just probably not one they've done before, and neither of them would normally do it either. However, since this is a new problem for your cat, you can start with a vet visit to get things checked over. It would be a shame to lose your pet over a strange behavior that was only happening because they were new to each other.

Well, the "normal" way of a cat licking a cat's butt isn't all that normal. I have had a cat who would do this with my kitten, but only if she was laying right next to me on my lap. She would just sort of sniff and lick at her butt. I would have to get up and change the sheets and towels in the room to keep her from doing it, and then she would come up and resume normal behavior.

I agree with the other posts. Cats have a different relationship with their fur than we humans. There's no "normal". Licking their butt is totally unnatural to a cat, and I don't know how they can do it.


My cat has done this and I don't understand it. I think she may be lonely and need reassurance, but I don't understand why she would lick her own butt!

How can she do it and how can I find out if it's because she's a male or female?

She is a 5 yr old male, I've noticed when she urinates (usually after a long walk) it will be a more solid stream then usual. Also the last few times he has done this he has done it at my feet, my wife had to ask him to get up several times to let us have a clean and dry room, lol

Hi there I have a very curious cat and just thought i should share this

I had a cat when i was younger i would have her sleeping with me in bed. she would lay her front leg against my thigh and her back leg across my chest so that she was laying on her back with her hind legs under my thigh and her head near my face and ofcourse her front legs were in between my thighs and when she slept this way my whole body would be warm. well this was never a concern because it never seemed to bother her but for some reason about 4 years ago she started licking her backside. when i asked her why she said that she had it ever since she was little and i thought it was nothing to be concerned about until it started again and i began to notice her tail wagging when she looked up at me. well this behavior has carried on for 5 years and i can't think of why because she hasnt touched me or rubbed against me at all. i was about to put my cat in a different room but i don't think i should i just don't want her to feel like i don't care. so if anybody knows a reason as to why she would want to lick herself please reply. thank you!

I think you should not put your cat in a new room, as that might get her to be more active. If you don't want her to lick herself why are you putting yourself in harms way? As for the reason why, there are a few possibilities. It could be that she wants your attention, and is doing it because she doesn't want to have a wet nose or because she is getting more comfortable and relaxed in the new environment and is getting confused about what to do. There could be a medical reason why she needs to lick herself, or it could be that she has allergies and needs to clean up. I think the first thing you should try is a wet catnip toy, that way she will know what to do with the toy. Good luck with your new kitten!

I would think that if your cat is having an issue of her own choosing and she isn't causing harm to herself, than the best way to handle this would be to not do anything at all. When she's interested in licking and/or rubbing she may be getting attention she needs, but when you react in some way, such as trying to stop her, it will discourage her and she may associate it with being stopped, and stop even when she's completely dry. I have a cat (a girl cat) that loves to rub herself and she loves to lick things and has a very hard time accepting attention, so I've learned not to do anything but give her what she wants to focus on at the time. In this case, a catnip toy that she would probably find on its own, will give her what she needs for now. Once she's a bit older and seems to be having an issue with herself then maybe you should have a vet check her over and if that isn't the issue maybe then it will be a good idea to bring her to an animal hospital to find out what they recommend.

I don't know the age of your kitten, so I'm not sure how you'll know if she's having an issue. I had a kitten who started to lick her tummy a few months after she was weaned, and she also had an issue with her litter box. I think that is a good sign that there is something she needs, and I didn't do anything other than give her what she wanted, and she seemed to be satisfied. Sometimes if you don't know what is going on with your kitten, you may just need to pay attention to her, and give her what she wants until she becomes less interested in herself.

My vet told us that if my kitten isn't wet at 8 weeks old, then there isn't much we can do to help her. At 8 weeks she isn't really "old" enough to understand the reasons behind the wetness, so my vet said that we should just let her have her fun. I thought I was doing a good thing by ignoring her, but if she had gone dry for long periods of time or become very frightened then I would have brought her in for an exam.

Good luck!

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