Foundling kitten Lazarus: it is most beautiful at home

Little Lazarus was saved at the last second from freezing to death by Branden Bingham and his family. In the meantime, the American has taken in the cute cat and the pretty fur nose feels completely comfortable in her home, as the video shows.

Foundling kitten Lazarus has settled in wonderfully with his family and hardly leaves his favorite person and savior Branden Bingham. Whether on the computer, in the kitchen or elsewhere - Lazarus never misses an opportunity to pick up pats. He lovingly hugs and cuddles up to his human dad, affectionately gnaws his nose and enjoys the hours of play together.

It makes your heart warm when you see how well the cat is doing. When the Bingham family found the little guy in a snow pile on Thanksgiving, he was almost frozen. With heart massage and the right first aid measures, they saved his life. Here you can see the video of Lazarus' rescue again:

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