Bitten by dog: Do I have to go to the doctor after a dog bite?

If you have been bitten by a dog, you should treat the wound as soon as possible, because: A dog bite can be dangerous because the wound can catch fire. This is often underestimated in animal bites. It often happens out of the game, whether out of cockiness or carelessness - Shutterstoch / imantsu

Most people who have been bitten by a dog only go to the doctor if it is a large, bleeding wound. Small wounds from animal bites are usually not given much attention - a mistake, as doctors know.

This is why a dog bite can be dangerous

Bacteria in a four-legged friend's saliva can sometimes cause serious infections, which in the worst case can even be life-threatening. If you have been bitten by a dog, these bacteria can get into the wound and multiply there. The consequences can range from harmless inflammation to tetanus. The latter is possible if the vaccination status for tetanus is out of date or does not exist.

In general, a dog's bite is not as dangerous as a cat's bite in terms of the risk of infection. If a kitty bites, the wound becomes infected every second bite victim. Dogs are much less likely to be infected; however, the danger should not be underestimated.

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Bitten by a dog: how to do it

If you have a deep, heavily bleeding wound, you must see a doctor immediately. For smaller wounds: clean, disinfect, bandage. Wash the bite thoroughly with soap and water and treat it with a disinfectant. Then put on a sterile dressing and watch the wound. If the area turns red, warm, hurts, shows a red line that pulls away from the bite site or is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, you should definitely seek medical treatment quickly. The doctor can then professionally treat the infected wound and will likely give you an antibiotic.

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