Hedgehog emergency: How to help the prickly garden residents

If you have discovered a sick or orphan hedgehog in the garden, it means: off to the vet. Because in a hedgehog emergency, simple love of animals and care are not enough. Read here what the first steps are and how you can help. How can a sick hedgehog be looked after again? - Shutterstock / Livia Gaffield

Usually hedgehogs don't need help. If you pat over your lawn at night or lie under a leafy hedge for hibernation, there is no need to worry. However, if they curl up or stagger around permanently, it may be an emergency that you can help with.

Seek help in a hedgehog emergency

Many people are fans of the button-eyed barbed animals. That's why many animal lovers mean well and bring them to their home to help them there. But a hedgehog emergency should definitely be treated professionally - by the veterinarian or a hedgehog station nearby. You can find a list of addresses of German regional hedgehog protection associations on the Internet, for example on the page of "Pro Igel".

First aid with the hedgehog

In the event of an emergency, write down the date, time, location and weight of the animal so that the veterinarian can provide the most accurate information possible. Check whether the spiny animal is hypothermic. To do this, put your hand on his stomach. If the belly is colder than your hand, fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water and wrap it around the animal in need with a towel.

In a box, it can warm up as you go to the vet. A little liquid in the form of lukewarm water or chamomile tea also strengthens the little rascal. Cow's milk is unsuitable for the prickly animals because they do not tolerate the milk sugar (lactose) contained therein well and can get indigestion from it.

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Grooming a hedgehog

If you have spoken to a veterinarian and are allowed to look after the hedgehog in your own four walls, set up suitable accommodation. Give him a hideaway at room temperature and make sure that he has some exercise. When feeding, note that the barbed animals are meat eaters. Ideally, canned cat or dog food or minced meat fried in oil are ideally accepted by hedgehogs. But a scrambled egg also strengthens the sweet button eyes.

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