Greetings from Ragdoll tomcat Timo

The cozy Ragdoll cat Timo apparently survived New Year's Eve and now wishes all cat lovers a happy new year! In the video, Timo's owners built a pyramid out of (empty) plastic champagne glasses, which the fleecy cat carefully approaches.

"Well! What's the funny thing?", Ragdoll cat Timo wonders when he sees the plastic glass pyramid in the middle of the living room. He carefully examines the structure with his puddle paws and sniffs the glasses curiously. Suddenly the pyramid collapses and the plush fur nose quickly takes you to safety.

However, the fright is quickly overcome and a few seconds later Timo sniffs the plastic glasses again. Later he made himself comfortable in his cuddly bed and half-heartedly played with a few glasses in front of it. At the end he is allowed to play with a paper umbrella, which he holds very gently with his mouth to knock against it with his paw. The umbrella drops and Timo considers whether he should take a nap next. In this sense: Happy New Year to all readers!

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