5 mistakes in keeping cats: This damages trust

Holding a cat is not always easy and requires patience, but it is also a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there are some things you can do wrong when keeping cats. Here are 5 mistakes when using a velvet paw, which you should avoid for the benefit of the human-cat relationship. Patience and love strengthen the trust between you and your cat - Shutterstock / Alena Ozerova

There are a few "educational measures" that you can be sure will harm the relationship between you and your fur nose. Cats are sensitive animals that can suffer from these educational errors.

1. Violence is NEVER a solution

Violence is always the wrong way to deal with animals. No matter how upset your cat is, beating, kicking, and other physical sanctions are the worst thing you can do to your pet. Anyone who becomes violent towards their cat (or other animals), even if only in affect, is guaranteed to permanently damage the relationship.

2. Shouting hurts your cat

The cat's hearing is as powerful as it is sensitive. Your hearing is a lot finer than that of a human. Therefore, you should never shout at your kitty as this can be very painful and irritating for her. Shouting physical violence is the same thing for your cat.

3. Coercion is the wrong way

You should never force a cat to do anything. For example, if your velvet paw doesn't want to cuddle, you should accept it and leave it alone. Coercion and pressure damage the relationship and do not lead to the goal. Medical emergencies are an exception - if your cat is sick and needs to go to the vet, you should bring her there, even if she doesn't want to.

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4. Subsequent scolding is useless

Are you coming home, entering the living room and your cat scratched the curtain or knocked over your favorite vase? This happens and is undoubtedly annoying. Subsequent scolding does not help. If you reprimand your cat, it is very likely that this will not connect you with their deed, but only senses that you are angry and is unsettled.

5. Impatience doesn't pay off

Always be patient when it comes to keeping cats. Velvet paws are also not always in a good mood and reluctantly follow instructions or educational measures on some days. Loving patience is always the better way to keep and breed cats.

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