These animals have a great appetite

These animals have a great appetite

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"Oh man, it's sooo delicious! I can't get enough of it!", The animals think in this video and enjoy their food - and simply use their owners' meals.

Two dogs relishly crunch their food from the bowl and gulp down the food as quickly as possible. The four-legged friends are obviously very hungry. A little bunny does the same, kicking its paws as it feeds a bottle. A group of raccoons, on the other hand, gathers in front of a man and waits patiently for him to throw treats to the animals.

A hamster, meanwhile, makes himself comfortable on the bottom and nibbles on his cracker. And the animals, who are in a hurry, steal something from the fridge or sip their owners' beverage can. These cheeky guys know how to satisfy their hunger - if necessary without the permission of their mistress and owner.

Mampf, mampf, mampf: Animals enjoy their food

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