Obesity in dogs: 4 tips for a successful diet

An overweight dog is more susceptible to various diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes or joint pain. It is therefore important for the health of a dog that is too fat to go on a diet. The following tips will help your dog lose weight. This chihuahua needs to lose weight urgently, but how does the diet work? - Shutterstock / taro911 photographer

It is best to plan the diet for your overweight dog together with the veterinarian. He can calculate your dog's calorie needs and recommend you high-quality dog ​​food with a reduced calorie content that enables healthy weight loss. Here's what you can do:

1. No snacks or treats

Overweight dogs should avoid snacking between meals if possible, as this makes it difficult to control calorie intake and quickly exceeds the amount recommended by the veterinarian. When you give treats, you need to subtract their calories from your dog's needs and, accordingly, feed them less during the main meals. If you do not want to calculate so much, it is best to avoid small treats in between. This also includes leftovers and small snacks of sausage and cheese.

2. Weigh feed rations for diet

While it is very cumbersome, for a successful diet it is advisable to really pay close attention to the amount of calories. When a dog has to lose weight, there is no way around consuming fewer calories than it consumes. Overweight dogs are usually severely restricted in their freedom of movement, so that they cannot do as much exercise at the start of the diet. You can increase calorie consumption if your dog is more flexible again and does not suffer from joint pain. For now, however, a reduction in calorie intake is advisable.

For this purpose, the veterinarian will give you precise instructions on the portion sizes of the feed, which you should follow exactly. So always weigh the food and keep a kind of food diary for your dog to keep an overview. If there was a little snack, you can also write it down there.

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3. Combat obesity through exercise

As soon as your dog has more joy and ease of movement, you should go for long walks with him, play a lot with him and maybe even register him for dog sport in a dog school. This has the further advantage that your four-legged friend is less likely to eat more from boredom than it is good for him.

4. Don't tempt the dog

So that your dog can get rid of its excess weight better, you should avoid all temptations. For example, do not let your four-legged friend into the kitchen when preparing the food for themselves, otherwise they could snack on food that has fallen down. If you have several pets, it is also a good idea to feed them separately and put away the bowl of the other animal that is not on a diet after eating. Otherwise there is a risk that your dog will steal food from the foreign bowl.

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