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Foundling kitten Lazarus loves his new home

In November for Thanksgiving, Branden Bingham and his family discovered a little stray kitten under a pile of snow. With first aid measures, they saved the kitten from freezing to death at the last second. Lazarus they called the tiny survivor and meanwhile the cute cat is dazzling. The video shows how the minimiez plays to her heart's content in her new home and is lovingly cuddled.

Branden's cousin had taken in the little foundling without further ado, pimped it up and made a health check with the vet. Branden's family then took the sweet Fratz back with him and gave him a loving home. Now Lazarus happily plays with the fishing rod or very much with the tail of his adult cat friend. What a nice story, just before Christmas!

This video shows how Lazarus is picked up by Branden and his family and how he gets to know his new home:

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