Learning Gratitude from Cats: 4 Happy Purr Tips

When it comes to wisdom, cats have a lot ahead of many people. Gratitude, for example, is something natural for purring roommates. If you want to learn a few lucky tips from your fur nose, you will find a little inspiration here. Happiness is: a couch, a cat, a nap - Shutterstock / Patrizia Tilly

Gratitude goes without saying for cats. Unlike humans, velvet paws don't bother with things they don't have. Instead, they are satisfied with what is there, or they demand it with loving persistence when they need something.

1. Cats make the most of their lives

In their lives, fur noses do what they do best: being a cat. This is an essential key to gratitude and happiness, which we humans should occasionally recall. So let yourself be inspired by your cat and think about what you are good at and what happens to you in life. Cats never doubt themselves and their abilities, they are just as wonderful as they are.

2. Enjoy the moment

In addition, people often worry about past injuries or future concerns that stand in the way of their gratitude. In such moments, you can take your cat as an example and just enjoy the moment. Allow yourself occasional breaks, let your mind wander and doze a little.

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3. Gratitude for love and trust

For cats, love and trust are fairly simple. If you treat them well, you have found a friend for life in your fur nose. If she doesn't like it in one place, she withdraws or seeks her luck elsewhere. You can feel gratitude for having conquered the heart of a purring fur ball, because that's an unmistakable sign of how lovable you are.

4. Happiness is the sum of simple little things

Cuddly tigers are simply grateful for a dry, warm place, sufficient cat food and water as well as time with their animal friends and people of the heart. These little things seem irrelevant in times of frustration and anger, but your cat will need it for their happiness.

If you notice that your thoughts always revolve around negative experiences, look at your fur nose as it slumbers on the sofa in harmony with itself and the world, or devotedly hunts for mice in the garden. Then take a few deep breaths, enjoy supposed little things and the world looks very different again.

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