Fluffy golden retriever puppies at a slide

Huiiiiii! The golden retriever puppies in this video are expecting a big surprise: In their home, their owners have built a toy castle with a slide and a huge mountain of cuddly toys for the small dogs. And of course the sugar-sweet fluffies must immediately conquer their new toy. Attackeee!

At first, you don't see the little rascals at all, because the slide and the colorful cuddly toy pile obscure the view of the door. But then the cute fur carriers crawl up the soft mountain and dare to slide. One puppy after the other arrives on the floor and is caught by a giant fleece caterpillar. As a reward, delicious food is available for the four-legged friends. Some puppies make their way through the plush hill to the destination and munch the delicious delicacies together with their siblings. Heartedly!

Golden Retriever puppies: fluffy, clumsy, cute

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