Is the dog blind? How to recognize the symptoms

When your dog goes blind, it's not that easy to spot. Dogs compensate for the loss of their eyesight by focusing on their sense of smell and hearing. Nevertheless, your four-legged friend needs a little support in everyday life, so it is important that you notice when he no longer sees anything. This little Maltese suffers from cataracts and is blind - Shutterstock / Joy Brown

How much you tell your dog that he is blind depends on whether the loss of vision has been gradual or sudden. A gradual loss is usually more difficult to detect because your four-legged friend was able to get used to it slowly.

Dog can compensate for blindness well

It rarely happens that a dog is blind from one day to the next. However, acute retinal detachment, called SARD ("Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration"), or an eye injury, for example, can quickly erase the eyesight. But more common are eye diseases that gradually make your woof go blind. With cataracts, for example, the lens becomes increasingly cloudy until the dog's eyes can no longer see anything.

In this case, your clever pet gradually concentrates on his other senses, especially the fine sense of smell and his dog's hearing, in order to find his way around. As long as it knows the area well, the loss of eyesight is hardly noticeable. If your dog surprisingly loses his eyesight, he is confused, disoriented and confused for the first few days. But as soon as he gets used to this condition, your dog can live well with his blindness.

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Recognize typical symptoms

Some eye diseases, such as glaucoma, appear in the early stages through reddened, watery eyes. Later the lens becomes cloudy and the eye enlarges due to the increased intraocular pressure. A cataract is particularly noticeable due to the progressive clouding of the lens. The cloudiness is particularly noticeable on photos taken with flash.

Small eye test for at home

If your four-legged friend looks disoriented or unsettled, you can test whether his pupil reacts to light by briefly illuminating the eye with a flashlight. If it narrows, your dog can still see, if it remains unchanged, it is probably blind. You can also drop a cotton ball in front of your dog's eyes. If he looks behind the cotton, his eyesight is fine.

As another eye test, cut two peepholes in a cardboard box that are spaced apart from your dog's eyes. Then hold the box in front of your four-legged friend's face so that he can see through it. Wave your hand over the peepholes. Is your dog blinking? That means he saw the movement. If he doesn't blink, that's an indication that he's blind. However, only an eye test at the veterinarian will bring definitive safety.

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