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Why do cats like to come to the bathroom?

Many cats follow their favorite people everywhere - even in the bathroom. Why is that? Is it just a typical weird cat habit? Or does it have a deeper meaning if velvet paws don't stop at the bathroom door? Cat in the bathroom: "I look you in the eye, little one!" - Shutterstock / BoulderPhoto

No sooner have you disappeared into the bathroom than you hear a friendly, certain pawing at the door - the kitty doesn't seem to like that you went in without it. Is it curiosity and love? Or is your cat too clingy?

Cats are curious

The reasons why cats like to come to the bathroom are usually harmless and should be understood as a compliment. Fur noses are very curious and would like to know what is going on behind the locked bathroom door. It also depends on the cat personality how much a kitty cares about her favorite person.

Restrained velvet paws may wait patiently until you get out of the bathroom. Velvet-pawed explorers and daredevils, on the other hand, prefer to be the center of attention and find it outrageous if they are not allowed into the bathroom.

Love for the caregiver

In addition, there are cats who have a very close relationship with their caregiver and who like to stay close to them. A visit to the bathroom can then be seen as proof of love. The love for the caregiver can also occur in combination with curiosity. Then the Miez would like to go to the bathroom to be close to you and then discover nothing but interesting play opportunities.

Cat is thirsty and wants to drink from the tap

If you notice that your cat often asks you to turn the tap off the sink so that she can drink from it, she may simply be thirsty. You can then try out whether your house tiger is happy about a water fountain if it ignores its drinking bowls. Drinking lazy cats may not like standing water.

Striking cat behavior in the bathroom as a symptom of illness?

Your cat suddenly drinks a lot of water? Then there may be diabetes or kidney failure. If she is looking for cooling in the bathroom a lot, this may be a symptom of an overactive thyroid. In this case, you should go to the vet and have your kitty checked for health.

Favorite playground for cats: the bathroom!

Kitty in the bathroom: Too clingy?

Usually, however, there is no need to worry if cats are accompanying you to the bathroom. However, if your cat cannot be alone in principle, there may be some fear of separation behind it. It manifests itself on the one hand in extreme attachment, on the other hand in general behavioral disorders.

Cats with separation anxiety tend to be unclean when they feel lonely and do not tolerate a moment of being alone. Loud mauz concerts and constant disturbances in your activities can be the result. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended to rule out health reasons. If the veterinarian cannot determine anything, a cat psychologist will help you.

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