When cats discover a computer ...

... they usually get pretty wild. In this video, cats show how they fearlessly conquer their owners' computers. However, sometimes the takeover does not go as expected.

Without fear of breaking anything, the velvet paws bounce on their owners' laptops and happily jump around on the keyboard. But that's not all: they happily scratch their claws on the screen as if they wanted to dig directly into the inside of the display. Of course, a computer is also suitable as a bed and so the cheeky fur straps lie on the device and prefer to spend the whole day and night there.

A cheeky house tiger has made his calculation without gravity. When he wants to sit on the laptop, it plops down on the floor with the kitty. Some PCs can also be very dangerous and unpredictable. The little fluffy ball will certainly not be deterred by this failed attempt to keep occupying the computer of its owners in the future.

Cats and laptops: simply inseparable

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