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Playfully promote your cat's intelligence

In the wild, cats fight territorial fights, climb, lurk, jump and hunt. These activities challenge and promote a cat's intelligence. Domestic cats have significantly fewer opportunities to develop their natural talents as freelancers - but as owners you can help out here. Cats love to look for hidden food - Shutterstock / Belozerova Daria

All cats like to play and love to be kept appropriately. With the help of intelligence games and cat toys, you can occupy your room tiger sensibly in your own four walls and thus counteract boredom.

That is why intelligence toys are so important

Cats are extremely intelligent and curious animals, for whom being challenged is not good. As already mentioned, the apartment for house tigers offers significantly less impetus than the wild. There are simply fewer impressions and challenges inside that make a cat's life interesting. As a responsible cat owner, you should help here and promote the intelligence and creativity of your mustache with the right games and toys.

Almost every cat is grateful if they can learn something or show their skills as hunters, explorers and imitators. Whether fiddling around, searching for food or discovering a simple paper bag - intelligence toys for the cat enable you to promote your velvet paw in a playful and at the same time mentally.

Cat tricks: This is how your velvet paw learns to retrieve

With a little practice, your four-legged darling can playfully learn various cat tricks ...

Intelligence toys don't have to be expensive

You can buy intelligence toys in the pet trade or make them yourself. The latter is anything but rocket science and is guaranteed to succeed. For example, hide a few treats in toilet paper rolls that you seal on the sides with cellulose paper, or in small boxes that your cat has to use their intelligence to open.

You can also build a fiddling board yourself with simple materials from the household or hardware store and, for example, always design a different food labyrinth. You can use Lego or Duplo bricks to build an obstacle course and hide food in between.

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