Massage for the dog: it is really good for him

Your dog loves to romp, play and walk extensively with you. A small massage after physical exertion helps your four-legged friend to relax. His muscles are loosened, blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated. This cute dog is enjoying his massage - Shutterstock / msgrafixx

In addition, such a massage is great for human-dog friendship, as you can use the wellness treatment for your four-legged friend to find out how he is doing. You will immediately notice whether his muscles are tense in places or whether something is hurting him.

Relaxed atmosphere for the massage

It is important that you do not carry out the massage between the door and the hinge. After all, your dog should feel completely comfortable. If you choose a time when your four-legged friend usually gets its food or takes you for a walk, this is inconvenient. The deviation from your usual routine irritates your woof so that it cannot relax.

In a moment of rest you can massage your dog much better, preferably in a warm, quiet place. Put him a blanket on which he can make himself comfortable. You can also provide cozy warmth with a lukewarm hot water bottle, a moor or cherry stone pillow.

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Massage the dog gently

Short massages are recommended at the beginning, otherwise your dog can quickly get bored. If he gets restless or wants to get up, leave him. A few minutes are usually enough to relax. At the beginning, in between and at the end, you can lovingly stroke your dog with the flat of your hand, under gentle pressure, from the neck to the root of the tail. In addition, it is usually pleasant for your woof to stroke it slowly, with a little more pressure, from head to toe.

If your dog likes this, you can knead it gently. To do this, grasp the loose-fitting skin on the neck and form an "S" -shaped bead. This way you can massage the fur all the way to the base of the tail. Most dogs also like to be petted with a hedgehog ball or brush. It is important for the massage that you spare the spine and joints. Only stroke and knead the skin and muscles next to the bones.

Massage for sick dogs from a professional

If your four-legged friend suffers from joint diseases or pain, it is better to give the massage to professional hands. Your veterinarian will be happy to advise you, including how you can do something good for your dog.

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